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Kaneland United SC Statement Regarding Kaneland School District 302 Field Use Fees

The Kaneland School District 302 Board recently presented and approved a new fee structure for outside groups using School District property. The intent of this structure is to identify new revenue sources and help cover School District budget deficits while providing a standardized and consistent policy for all stakeholders.

Kaneland United SC uses School District property at Kaneland High School to provide quality recreational and competitive soccer programming for over 400 area youth per season. The Club has invested over $20,000 in field improvements at Kaneland High School, including weed control, leveling fields, overseeding, aeration and fertilization. The Club maintains an additional $7,500 per year budget to mow the School District fields weekly to keep the grass in appropriate condition for soccer programs, to layout and paint the fields, and to ensure our equipment is safe and properly placed. We also have placed and maintain 3 porta-pots and a garbage dumpster at KHS.

These facilities and improvements provided by the Club and our families provide a safe and enjoyable environment for soccer and are also used by the KHS marching band, KHS Lacrosse, high school gym classes and the general community when they visit the High School.

Kaneland United SC understands the financial condition of the School District  and fully supports the Board's decision and the implementation of this new policy. At the August School District Board meeting, the Club raised concerns on two items, including:

1.) After the TransCanada gas pipeline construction, Kaneland School District maintenance staff mowed the construction areas before the ground had fully settled, leaving ruts in the surface and requiring significant work and cost to return those areas to the previous condition they were in based on Kaneland United SC's investments. After construction, the Club was assured by both TransCanada and the District that those areas would be returned to their original condition.

In early 2016, the Club asked School District staff to provide guidance on repairing the rutting and were informed that District resources would not be available for this task. The Club received permission from the District to perfom work and we rented heavy equipment and recruited volunteers to roll and level these areas. Unfortunately, the rutting was too deep for rolling alone to resolve.

Over the summer of 2016, the Club again asked for School District support to make repairs. This request was also turned down and we are making plans to purchase 50 yards of topsoil and recruit volunteers to level these areas for future use.

We have requested from the School District staff that our field use fee be allocated towards these repairs or provide relief on the fee so those funds can be used for this fall's work. Currently, that request has also been turned down.

2.) Players from Sugar Grove make up a significant portion of the Club's participants. These families currently support the School District and the Sugar Grove Park District through their property taxes and an intergovernmental agreement exists to share facilities and control costs. Only Sugar Grove Park District residents are covered by this agreement and residents from the rest of the School District do not pay additional fees.

Kaneland United SC is including the field use fee in our registration and we have asked the School District for clarification on how to address any concerns from Sugar Grove Park District residents regarding the costs of using School District facilities. 

Kaneland United SC has enjoyed a good working relationship with the Kaneland School District and its staff for many years and we look forward to resolving these concerns and delivering on our shared mission for our community and youth.

About Kaneland United SC

Kaneland United SC is a community focused soccer club, providing area youth with recreational and competitive soccer opportunities, recreational referee development and soccer coach training and development. The Club is a 501c3 Not for Profit Corporation serving Aurora, Batavia, Big Rock, Cortland, Elburn, Geneva, Kaneville, Lilly Lake, Maple Park, St. Charles, Sugar Grove and Virgil Illinois area.