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Kaneland United SC FAQs

What is McNair Park?
McNair Park is a proposed 60 acre youth sports complex and community open space located just north and west of the intersection of IL Route 47 and Main St in Elburn.

What is is a community, volunteer group taking the lead to support development of McNair Park and the fundraising activities to make it happen.

Why is McNair Park Needed?
As our community grows, so does the need to preserve open space and quality, safe places for youth sports programs. Currently the Kaneland School District is the only community wide organization with the facilities to promote youth athletics. The District is a valuable partner in the community, however, increasing demands for space and competing priorities put a strain on resources, creating the need to develop other options for youth sports and open space.

Aren't There Already Plenty of Sports Fields in Our Community?
Yes and no. Current sports field inventory can handle games and falls short on practices. Its simply a supply and demand issue. Nearly all youth sports host practices on weekday evenings in late afternoon and early evening. Why? That's when kids are home from school and volunteer coaches get home from work to run practices. This causes a shortage of fields for the most important part of player development - practice.

Also, losing access to fields is one of the biggest challenges for youth sports nationally and has affected multiple programs in our community, including:

- Sugar Grove Park District potentially losing access to Wheeler Park resulting in building new fields on Harter Rd.
- Kaneland Youth Football moving multiple times, including using Lions Park, Harter Middle School and now KHS
- Elburn Youth Baseball losing access to the current McNair ballfield 
- Kaneland United SC losing access at KHS due to repairs to the TransCanada Pipeline      

Who Owns the Land and How Was it Paid For?
The land was purchased by the Kane County Forest Preserve District and paid for through bonds approved by county voters.

What is the Kane County Forest Preserve's Role with McNair Park?

The Forest Preserve owns the land and is making it available for development into a park. Currently, the Forest Preserve has no plans to develop the land on its own.

What is Blackberry Township's Role with McNair Park?
Blackberry Township is coordinating the various groups, including and the Forest Preserve in developing the park.

Why Does McNair Park Need to be Privately Funded?
There is no park district providing youth sports facilities for the majority of the residents within the Kaneland School District footprint and there are no plans to create one. And there are no additional government funds beyond the original Forest Preserve purchase of the land to develop the Park. So all funding to build and manage the park will come from private donors and the local youth sports clubs.

If McNair Park is Built, Will My Property Taxes Go Up?

Its unlikely that McNair Park will have an impact on property tax bills for the foreseeable future. Current plans are for all fields maintenance to be paid for by the local youth sports clubs who will use the park. There is no park district to raise bonds or set taxes for park.      

How Do I Get Involved?
Follow us on Facebook, Donate, Volunteer, Talk to Your Youth Sports leaders and board to show your support and help get others involved.

Do You Have A Facebook Page?

Yes, follow our Facebook Page HERE and keep up on all the latest news and share information with your friends and family.

My Business Wants to Get Involved, What Are My Options?
There are many ways for businesses to get involved, including sponsorship or Buying a Brick for McNair.

What Happens to My Donation if McNair Park Isn't Built?
All fundraising is being set up to allow donors to identify which youth sports program they belong to or are supporting. In the unlikely event that the McNair Park is not built, the funds will be distributed to the youth sports programs based on the program the you choose.

Is My Donation Tax Deductible?
Yes. Currently, is managed by the Kaneland Youth Soccer Organization, a 501c3 Not For Profit Corporation and your donation is tax deductible. is under the soccer club to start in order to keep costs low and ensure as much funding as possible is used for the Park. Eventually, will be set up as a stand alone not for profit. 

What is Movie Night For McNair?
Movie Night For McNair is a free family movie night at Elburn Lions Park on Saturday September 24, 2016. There will be a great movie, music, food and fun to kick off McNair Park development. 

What is the Buy a Brick Program?
The Buy a Brick program is Build McNair's program to raise funds, donate and develop McNair Park. Permanent bricks inscribed with your message are available and will be placed in the courtyard at McNair Park.