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Kaneland United SC

Competitive Soccer

Kaneland United fields multiple teams who apply their soccer skills, knowledge and creativity in the  Young Sportsmen's Soccer League ( YSSL), the Illinois Women's Soccer League (IWSL), area indoor leagues and regional tournaments.

The Club's competitive programs begin at the U10 age group, with younger players encouraged to participate in the Academy program.

The community approach is maintained with volunteer, licensed coaches leading teams and working with experienced, professional soccer trainers to provide the optimum blend of on field skills and individual player character development. Kaneland United has found this blend works best for our youth and matches the Club's beliefs compared to other soccer training models. 

Full year participation is available, with primary seasons including fall, winter and spring programs. In addition to team training, multiple skills development clinics and programs are offered during the season

Player assessments are offered in May for the following fall season. 

For information on Kaneland United's competitive program, please contact Jason Diebold by EMAIL HERE or calling 630.463.9001 ext  702

Why Doesn't Kaneland United Offer Travel Programs Under U10

A lot of parents of 7 and 8 year old players who see their kids excelling in the recreational program ask about travel soccer. We love the interest and can't wait to work with those kids in our Academy program.

So why the Academy instead of training them and entering them in travel leagues and tournament play? The simple answer is development. Physical and emotional. Remember we're talking about 7 and 8 year old kids here and not little adults. And despite what some might think, not being involved in a travel soccer program at 8 years old will not hold any player back.

The more complicated answer has to do with society and pressure that parents and coaches can mistakenly put on kids. If you want to get into the deeper issues and reasoning, there's a great book "Coaching Outside the Box" by Shaw and Mairs. And Scott Pugh provided a cliff notes version in a 7 part blog that can be found HERE. Both are worth the read.

For Kaneland United, our approach is to let these younger players continue to develop their love for the game first by having fun, achieving success and improving their skills in a zero pressure environment. Plus the Academy program is less than 1/2 the cost of travel soccer, giving families and players a chance to develop while also providing time and financial flexibility. 

Video - Defense to Offense Transition